Covid-19 Notice

This statement sets out our policy for dealing with the threat of Covid-19 and or any other similar health related issue which may pose a risk to passengers during the course of any journey with us. 

We may change this policy from time to time by updating this page. 
This policy statement is updated and effective from 1st December 2021.

First and foremost we intend to ensure that your journey with us is safe and enjoyable at all times. 

This policy was created in response to an unprecedented health crisis.  The guidance issued by the Scottish Government is reviewed frequently together with legislation and any mandates which the government may have imposed.  The advice of government officials was considered together with advice from hundreds of top scientists and medical experts.  Unfortunately the Scottish government has taken a very controversial stance on Covid-19 and have failed to justify their actions with reasonable evidence and they frequently move the goal posts.  We have therefore researched and studied the scientific evidence ourselves to help form this policy and aim to avoid conflict with existing laws for human rights and equality etc.  We believe this to be a fair and reasonable approach. 

At time of Booking
You will be asked to provide your name or name of the lead person in your party and contact details.  You will also need to provide the number of persons in your party and any country which each person intends to travel from or through within 14 days prior to commencement of travel with us.  Details are reviewed and a risk factor applied to the number of people and the expected length of time in the vehicle.  For example, a party of 1-4 persons in one vehicle may be ideal for long journeys whereas we may limit the size of larger groups/parties to shorter journeys but this will be dependant on the current risk and prevalence of covid or any illness such as Influenza which may be considered contagious.  

Prior to commencement of your journey
We will confirm details of your journey by email.  Please advise in advance if anyone in your party feels unwell, has a high temperature, cough or any other symptoms of covid prior to commencement of your journey with us.  Symptomatic persons affected by illness should consider self imposed quarantine and refrain from travelling.  Entry to the vehicle may be declined to anyone who is obviously unwell and not in a fit state to travel.  In these circumstances we offer a no quibble cancellation policy with no cancellation charge in the event of illness.  Same applies for us and we reserve the right to cancel at short notice should the driver guide feel unwell or show any symptoms of illness and we are unable to find a replacement.    

On the day of your journey  
The vehicle will be cleaned prior to your journey and all hand hold areas will be sanitised and ready for your party to board the vehicle.  Prior to boarding, the driver will aim to advise current requirements for travel and any attraction you may be visiting.  Please advise if anyone in your party feels unwell, has a high temperature, cough or any other symptoms of illness prior to commencement of the journey.  If someone is obviously unwell and not in a fit state to travel the driver may decide if the person can travel in the vehicle or not.  Passengers may be asked to sit in specific seats within the vehicle to help maximise the distance between each passenger and the driver.  
The wearing of masks may be mandatory but as far as we are concerned this is a personal choice and we will not police the wearing of masks.  We prefer to see your smile over any mask.  However,  
anyone who develops a persistent cough during the course of a journey should seriously consider wearing a mask.  The same will apply for the driver guide.     

We will NEVER ask you to produce any kind of health passport.

Upon completion of your journey we may retain the data you provided for a period of two months.  Otherwise any data provided by you will be treated in accordance with our Privacy Policy.


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