Tour - OUTLANDER film locations

(from Dundee and St Andrews area)

See where Claire stayed on second honeymoonImage © StrachanTours, all rights reserved.

Full Day Excursion

Available all year with
limitations beyond May-Oct
(depends on attraction opening hours)

Start approx 8.30am
Duration approx 9hrs

      Step back in time and visit some of the amazing film locations used in the popular Outlander TV series. Enjoy a visit to the historic village of Falkland, one of the main scenes in first Episode. We search for Claire at nearby standing stones where you can try and feel the energy that transported Claire back into the 18th Century. We visit the harbour in the village of Dysart which doubled as the Port of Le Harve where Claire and Jamie first set foot in France.  We then visit the fictional village of Cranesmuir where the young boy had his ear nailed to a post as a punishment and Claire and Geillis are marched through the streets when suspected of witchcraft. Explore the cobbled streets and visit the historic 17th century Palace where Claire's Herb garden at Castle Leoch is located. See also the old The Town House, built in 1626, once the administrative centre of the village which also includes the former tollbooth and witches' prison.
    Fast forward to Series 2 and we visit a fine whisky distillery which doubled as the wine warehouse of Jamie's cousin on the docks of Le Harve in France. Optional lunch stop on route or take a tour of the distillery. We then visit the amazing Castle Leoch - home of Calum MacKenzie (otherwise known as Doune Castle which also featured prominently in the filming of the cult movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail). On the final leg of the tour we head to one of Europe's finest formal gardens at Drummond Castle which doubled for the Palace of Versailles in France. Altogether a fun day packed full of extremely interesting attractions. 
    Please note itinerary may be varied to suit weather conditions and attraction opening times etc!
Additional Information:
  1. This tour is a full day excursion from Dundee or St Andrews area
  2. Suitable for most ages and abilities although please be aware the castle was not designed for easy access and may not be suitable for people with walking difficulties.  
    Please check/advise in advance so we can adjust itinerary to suit.
  3. Good footwear and warm weather resistant clothing is recommended
  4. Tour Highlights:
      Visit the historic village of Falkland, a stone circle and touch the standing stones
      Dysart harbour (Port of Le Harve) 
      The historic village of Culross and 17th century Palace (Cranesmuir)
      Deanston Distillery (Wine Warehouse, Le Harve) and Doune Castle (Castle Leoch)
      See Stirling Castle and the Wallace monument
      Visit Drummond Castle Gardens (Palace of Versailles)  
  5. Admission charges extra and payable directly to the attraction.
  6. Typical admission charges (based on 2017-2018 rates):
      Culross Palace approx. £10.50/adult
      Deanston Distillery approx. £9/adult
      Doune Castle approx. £6/adult
      Drummond Castle Gardens approx. £6/adult
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