List of Extra Charges

Description Extra Charge
Meet and Greet Service
    (includes parking charge, waiting time and assistance to vehicle)
Extra Pick up/Drop off location;
    (additional to 1st Pick up/drop location within basic charge)
Carriage of Excess Luggage over normal airline allowance;
    (e.g. Golf clubs, Bicylces or large heavy objects etc)
Travel outwith normal hours of operation (Midnight - 6am);  
    Applies to any part of our journey to or from base
£6 per hour
 Travel during Festive Period;
    from 6pm on 24th Dec to 6am on 27th Dec and
    from 6pm on 31st Dec to 6am on 2nd Dec
Std Rate
     + 50%
Travel during Peak Summer Season (June-Aug); Std Rate
     + 10%

Extra Charges are cumulative

Rates apply until End 2023

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